The Las Vegas Club and Casino

The Las Vegas Club and Casino was originally designed to be a baseball-themed casino. Before entering step back and take a look up at the outside of the casino. Notice that it has been cleverly designed as the outside of a baseball stadium complete with the back of the grand stands and the light standards up above. At the corner of the building at Main Street above the entrance, there is a bronze statue of a baseball player. It is said to be that of Joe DiMaggio who married actress, Marilyn Monroe.

As you enter the casino you might want to wander through the new gift shop located left of the entrance. The Viva Vegas Club gift shop opened in the spring of 2013. When ready, head to the back of the casino to start your exploration of baseball memorabilia and other sports novelties.

Although in the past there was a more extensive collection, it is still very worthwhile to check out some “old school” sports memorabilia that still remain. Walk through the casino, pass the cashier’s cage straight ahead and let your personal Sports Easter Egg Hunt begin. The first thing you will come to on the right is the largest collection of autographed World Series Baseball bats known to exist. The collection ranges from 1946 to 1958. Signatures include Casey Stengel of the 1949 New York Yankees and Roy Campenella of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers.

As you walk toward the back of the casino to the hotel lobby and parking garage, you can enjoy a variety of old school sports memorabilia. Once you’re in the hotel lobby, look to the left. You will see a collection of historic photographs of famous sports personalities, including the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth and professional boxer Sonny Liston.



AceThe Las Vegas Club and Casino

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