How It Started


The Ace & Jackie Story

Local residents, Ace & Jackie, have always loved visiting downtown Las Vegas. Ace would say, “It’s so extremely convenient to have casinos and entertainment located so close to each other.”  With Jackie appreciating the great variety of food choices, her downtown food slogan is: “From café to gourmet.”

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One day while Ace & Jackie were checking out several “new cool” happenings going on downtown, they began to notice that lots of visitors seemed to be walking around and not really knowing what to do or where to go. After meeting and talking with numerous downtown guests, it was clear to Ace and Jackie that most visitors and locals didn’t know much about the rich history and how the most unique city in the world got its start.




Ace & Jackie to the Rescue

Ace & Jackie used their local knowledge, did lots of research and came up with The Discover Downtown Las Vegas where “Old School” meets “New Cool”  Adventure Guide Book and Adventure Fun Pack.

 The Adventure Guide Book  is a stylish, souvenir quality, step-by-step guide to everything downtown. It highlights “Old School” hidden secrets, amazing food finds, incredible historical treasures, one of a kind Las Vegas stories, Ace & Jackie insider tips. plus all the “New Cool” downtown happenings. Also included is the Adventure Fun Pack that is loaded with discounts and freebies that compliment our tour stop destinations and really enhance your downtown experience. The beauty behind the self-guided adventure is that you can experience it at your own pace, go for it all at once, or split it up during your entire stay.

Ace & Jackie will show you things downtown that even locals don’t know exist!



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