Welcome to historic Binion’s Hotel and Casino. Home of Good Food – Good Whiskey – Good Gamble. This was the slogan introduced by owner Jack Binion and new owner, Terry Caudill, has kept this tradition alive.

YpQAhcOrpFXzezlnBoGgZAeevsHEgakRtbBpxiaeH-AEnter at the middle of the casino to get a “free slot pull” then locate the Binion’s $1,000,000.00 sign near the escalator. This is where you can get your picture taken with $1,000,000.00 cash. And to make it even better, if you’re at least 21 years old, you can receive a free souvenir picture of you and your group. Everyone in the group can receive a free picture. You might not win a million dollars in Vegas, but at least you can be seen with it. Turn right as you exit this area and walk directly toward the poker room.

Attention poker fans and players! You have now entered the Holy Grail of poker houses — the birthplace of the World Series of Poker. Las Vegas legend Benny Binion, the original owner of Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel and Casino, started this event in 1970 an event launched the much-televised Texas Hold’em craze we have today. Make sure you see the Poker Player’s Wall of Fame in the poker room entrance. There are lots of cool historic pictures of famous gamblers and celebrities to view as you go down the steps and into the poker room. Take our Downtown Las Vegas tour and learn more.





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