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Thank You! UNLV Special Collections Library for providing Historic Downtown Las Vegas Photo’s and Information. This is a must visit for all you history officiando’s. It is located on the campus of University of Nevada Las Vegas. Your donations to the Special Collections Library are greatly appreciated. Please click on the image below to visit their website.
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Discover Downtown Testimonials 

“Historic to Hip! Discover Downtown Las Vegas has it all.   Super fun and a Super value. Thanks Ace and Jackie!”

Alya Mahare and Jessica Mete

Horseshoe Valley, Ontario, Canada

This is a Must Have! What an enhancement to our vacation. We have always enjoyed Downtown Las Vegas because of its convenience to skip from casino to casino with ease. But, now we found out that we had only scratched the surface on our previous trips. Discover Downtown Las Vegas unlocked things about Downtown that we couldn’t believe were there. Outstanding self-guided adventure at an awesome price.”

 Ken and Lori Suchomski

Chicago, Illinois 

“Who knew! I have lived in Las Vegas over 25 years and had know idea about all these hidden historical landmarks and artifacts that still exist Downtown. Plus, learning the real history on how Las Vegas got it’s start. Can’t wait to take my friends and family on the Discover Downtown Las Vegas tour when they come to visit.”

Chuck and Rosemary Gagleardo

Las Vegas, Nevada

“What a Bargain! The exclusive coupon offers were fantastic and really enhanced the experience. The money we saved paid for the Guide book many times over.”

 Mike and Brooke Frank

Houston, Texas 

“We were Amazed! Not only about Downtown’s history and how Las Vegas got it’s start, but all the brand new additions popping up all over. We also loved the great food finds thanks’ to the Ace and Jackie insider tips. The money we saved with the coupons in the adventure fun pack more than paid for the adventure. This is the Best Bet in Vegas!”

Jim and Sandy Hanson

Bakersfield, California

“Discover Downtown Las Vegas is my go-to guide when my family and friends come to town to visit.  Because of the easy step by step guide, I can take them with me or turn them loose on their own.”


Las Vegas, Nevada

 We can’t believe all that I’ve missed in Downtown over our many years visiting. We loved that it is self-guided. We were able to take our time in places that were right up our alley. There was so much to see! We didn’t get to everything on this trip, but we can’t wait to come back and finish on our next vacation.”

Dr Micheal and Paula Bailey

Riverside, California

 “Can’t lose on this deal! Downtown has been a regular part of our Las Vegas vacation for years. In fact, we have stayed at many Downtown hotel’s and casino’s but had know idea that we had missed so much. Discover Downtown Las Vegas really opened our eyes and made us appreciate Downtown on a whole new level. It’s a fantastic adventure guide and the exclusive coupon’s saved us a big chunk of cash.”

Steve and Jasmine Ashworth

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Quiz answers


1.  C   The Railroad
2.  C   Has never closed it’s doors since opening in 1941
3.  C   The Shrimp Cocktail
4.  C   Bright neon signs and lights
5   B   Original home of the World Series of Poker
6.  B   Has a 200,000 thousand gallon live Shark Tank inside the swimming pool
7.  C   Howdy Partner
8.  B   Pop Squires
9.  C   Lard and Buttermilk Shakes Fries and Burgers
10.  C   Catering to visitors from the Hawaiian Islands
11.  B   Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
12.  D   An online shoe and apparel retailer
13   B    It stands on the original site of the Northern Club, the first casino to get a legal gaming license               in Las Vegas
14.  A   Wayne Newton performed there as a teenager
15.  C   The hacienda exterior and El Portal sign
16.  B   Get an alcoholic beverage
17.  A   Austrailia
                                              Bonus Time
1.  C   The meadows
2.  C   Run off snow from the Rocky Mountians
3.  B   3.2 days
4.  B   530
5.  C   High Roller
6.  C   200-250
7.  B   11,918
8.  C   From Las Vegas to New York 6 times
9.  B   Ronald Regan